Boselli S.r.l. company was born in 2020 after the transformation of Boselli S.n.c. di Boselli & Chiarini born in 2003, contribution Boselli Angelo one-man business, which was set up in a small production unit of about 200 square metres in Poncarale (BS) in 1999.

Thanks to the dedication, the passion and the perseverance of the two partners four years later the company was moved to Bagnolo Mella (BS) in a 1,000 square metre plant where, owing to a larger production area and its improved expertise in the sector of electrical wiring manufacturing, Boselli S.n.c. started a gradual process of transformation that allowed it to grow exponentially.

Over the years the company has increased both the number of the production machinery and the range of available items thereby being soon able with professionalism and reliability to meet the needs of various sectors such as industrial automation, biomedical wiring, beauty, videogames, alarm systems, weighing, and air conditioning systems, and becoming a trustworthy partner for quality products and efficient services.
The accuracy and rigour of controls at all stages of manufacturing and  skilled and experienced staff always guarantee a very high quality standard of all the products we manufacture.


Today, thanks to its dynamic, future-oriented and based on innovation structure, and to a streamlined and straight organization which allows defining the production and delivery schedule according to the customer’s needs, Boselli S.r.l. can undoubtedly be considered one of the leading manufacturers in the electrical wiring sector, able to offer the global market ever high-quality products in full compliance with the current regulations.

Its success cannot, though, be only attributed to an efficient top-down managerial and organizational system. Convinced as it is that there cannot be any economic growth without considering the social and human aspects of production, Boselli S.r.l. has always given and still gives much importance to the contribution of all its partners and collaborators promoting the establishing of a quiet and welcoming production environment in which every single individual concurs with his or her ideas and work to the harmonious evolution of the company.