Chi Siamo


Research on new technologies, both of production and control, is a top priority for our company in order to provide our customers with reliable and safe services and products in compliance with the agreed and expected quality requirements.
The quality of the raw materials, the accuracy and rigour of controls at all stages of manufacturing, the use of advanced manufacturing and control machines and equipment, skilled and experienced staff always guarantee a very high quality standard of all the products we manufacture.

All the equipment is modern, advanced and in compliance with the current regulations in the wiring sector.

In the working process we make use of the following equipment, all in compliance with the current regulations in the wiring sector:

  • KMI Contact cut strip terminate machines, equipped with three work stations (2 for crimping), complete with a supervisor of the crimps process called CQC and 1 for tinnin, with the possibility of subsequent extensions)
  • Transfer KMI Contact TR cut strip terminate machines, equipped with 7 work stations (3 stations for crimping, all equipped with a supervisor of the crimps process called CQC; 3 stations for inserting terminal cover, complete with a supervisor of the inserting process: two of them for 6.3 terminal cover and 1 for 4.8 terminal cover; 1 station for Dual processing
  • Automatic line for the processing of multi-core cables complete with a higt-end feeding systems, a K230 Komax cut stip machines, a Wiedenbach BLACK inkjet marking machine, a motorized stackers, a motorized coilers, a semi-automatic binding machine for white elastic string binding
  • Automatic cut strip machines for multi-core cables
  • Cutting machines
  • Electropneumatic jacket stripping machine with rotating head
  • Pneumatic jacket stripping for flat cables
  • Crimping machines with stripper crimper and load cells to control the crimp
  • Applicators for crimping band terminals
  • Cembre PNB-3 press for fully isolated and pre-isolated terminals
  • Cembre CPE-1 press for up to 70 mm² power
  • Press for flat cables
  • Stripper crimper machine for UNIC L
  • Hot-WHITE marking sistems
  • WIEDENBACH black inkjet marking machine, equipment for quality/compliance controls
  • Comparator for the calibration of the crimping machines to check on the height
  • Motorized digital dynamometer, regularly calibrated by a SIT centre
  • Centesimal gauges to control the height of the crimp
  • Machine for WK120 Shaffner electrical testing
  • Machine for PC-interfaced WK140 Shaffner electrical testing