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Industry 4.0

WHAT IS 4.0 INDUSTRY 4.0 Industry originates from the fourth Industrial Revolution. There is not a clear definition of it yet, but in a nutshell some analysts tend to describe it as a process that will lead to a completely automated and interconnected industrial production. According to a recent report of McKinsey Consultancy Multinational Company,…
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Thanks to our long-term expertise everything can be customized, from the supply of raw materials to final testing. Research on new technologies, both of production and control, is a top priority for our company in order to provide our customers with reliable and safe services and products in compliance with the agreed and expected quality…
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BOSELLI COMPANY IS GLAD TO SHOW YOU THE NEW LAYOUT OF A first move towards the revolution of our communication, just starting from the website: renovated in its contents and images, “responsive” in its structure, and usable from every device to tell the story of a company deeply rooted in its territory! ... make…
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